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Company Capital offers it's traders a wide array of trading instruments to choose from, enabling them to expand their trading strategies in not only currency, but also in various other markets.

The following are the trading instruments we provide:

  • Forex
  • CFDs
  • Indices
  • Precious Metals & Oil
What more?

Company Capital is committed to doing business in a transparent manner keeping in mind the interest of our traders. Hence our business model and our commendable services speak volumes for us.

  • Tight spreads
  • Leverage up to 1:1000
  • ECN & STP
  • NO re-quotes
  • NO Dealing Desk
  • NO commission
  • NO Opening, Transfer or hidden costs
  • Scalping, Hedging, EA allowed

Forex or Foreign Exchange Trading is the worldwide most liquid over-the-counter financial market for currency trading.

Some of the unique features of Forex:

  • Highest liquid
  • Huge trading volume
  • Accessible 24 hours days and Five days a week
  • No price manipulation

Contract For Difference (CFDs) are trading instruments suitable for speculation on several financial instruments including equity indices, commodities and metals without actually owning them. By using CFDs, the traders can benefit from the difference in market movements. Considered as a Leverage product, CFDs provide a potential return on investment through high leverage.

Company Capital provides all the resources that a tarder needs to successfully trade CFDs

Some of the unique features of CFDs:

  • Allows trading without actually owning the instrument
  • Traders benefit from the difference between the Opening & Closing price of the instrument
  • Potential ROI through high leverage
  • Traders can open position by paying a fraction of the total contract value

We at Company Capital also give our traders an opportunity to diversify and own shares or equity by way of investing through multiple indices. This also gives investors an exposure to equity markets and an advantage of market opportunities in a cost –effective way.

Some of the unique features of Indices:

  • Can be traded through exchange traded or over-the-counter
  • Direct access to global equity markets
  • Cost-effective
Precious metals & Oil
Gold & Silver

From investment point of view, the preference of purchasing Gold and silver makes these precious metals an asset class. Due to extreme price movements, there has been an increasing interest amongst investors to invest in them from a long-term perspective, especially during the times of monetary uncertainties.

Some of the unique features of Gold & Silver:

  • Profitable alternative investment
  • Highly liquid markets
  • Factors such as political, social and market sentiments along with demand and supply determine the prices

Oil on the other hand, is globalised market operating 24 hours with prices moving in negative correlation with that of stock markets. Considered to the most actively traded commodity worldwide, various political and geographical factors influence the prices of Oil, thereby making it highly volatile.

Some of the unique features of Oil:

  • Prices highly volatile
  • Highly traded commodity
  • 24 hours market

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